Congregational Covenant of Foothills Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship

Love is the spirit of this Fellowship

And Service is its Blessing

To dwell together in Peace

To seek the truth in Love

And to help one another.

This is our great covenant.


We, the members of the Foothills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, aspire to live out our great covenant in these ways:

  • to listen to each other, be flexible In our ideas, and learn from many paths as we journey together,
  • to be a welcoming place for all people and celebrate diversity in its many forms,
  • to live our values as we work for social justice and support the disenfranchised in our community and world,
  • to be authentic and support each other in our vulnerabilities as we give comfort to those in need in our congregation, and ask for help when we need it,
  • to speak our truth in ways that honor other people's truths, to communicate directly with one another whenever possible, and to assume the best intentions of others,
  • to remember that disagreements are an opportunity for creative conflict and to strive to stay in relationship until understanding is reached,
  • to balance our individual preferences and desires with consideration of the health of the whole congregation, and to honor collective decisions.

May this covenant serve us in blessing one another and the world.