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Worship: "Cosmic Imperfection" Juniper Stinnett

July 7 – Worship – “Cosmic Imperfection” – Juniper Stinnett – Worship Coordinator – Beth Bannock
 Juniper Stinnett has been an influential force within Knoxville’s trans community since coming out 7 years ago. She is a member of Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church where she serves as Youth Program’s Coordinator, an occasional guest musician, and as of August 2018, a sponsored seminarian attending Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago where she is pursuing her Masters of Divinity in order to live out her call to the ministry. Juniper is a former vice president of the Knoxville Trans Empowerment Project, the recipient of the 2018 Community Shares “Artist of Change” award, and a member of the TRUUsT (Trans Unitarian Universalists Together) steering committee.

Musician – Hannah White

Acting as Board Member on Duty – Kathie Shiba

Musician – David Dunkirk

Board Member on Duty – Beth Bannock