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Worship Service: “Priceless” (Rev. Laura Bogle)

.10:00 am – WORSHIP: “Priceless” – As we turn to our monthly worship theme of “Money” we consider: What do we value most highly, and how can our personal and congregational spending get more and more in alignment with those commitments? And what can’t money buy in this day and age? What is truly priceless? During this service we will welcome new members, recognize a youth bridging to young adulthood, and celebrate the milestones of our lives in community.

11:00 am – POTLUCK & SPECIAL CELEBRATION – Following worship join in a potluck and special celebration of our year in gratitude for all the generous gifts of presence, love, and, yes, money given and received. There will also be games on the lawn for all ages and some special surprises for children and youth!