Join with us: Becoming a member

About once a month a newcomer gathering is held which provides orientation to membership and our congregation. You are also encouraged to meet with our minister who is happy to talk with you about what you are looking for in a faith community, how you would like to connect with Foothills UU Fellowship, and what questions you may have.

Q: What are the requirements for joining Foothills UU Fellowship?

A: Any person, 16 years of age and older, who is in sympathy with the stated mission of Foothills UU Fellowship and with Unitarian Universalist principles and who has completed the Foothills UU Fellowship New Member Orientation, will become a voting member 45 days after signing the membership book in the presence of a Trustee or the minister.

Q: What are the expectations of members?

A: Members are encouraged to make a contribution of time, talent, and treasure in support of Foothills UU Fellowship. This may include making a financial pledge, serving on a committee, or organizing an event. Members are also encouraged to participate in the Foothills UU Fellowship community by attending services regularly and encouraging and supporting other community members.

Q: Does my membership cost anything?

A:  Yes and no. As a member of Foothills UU Fellowship, we ask and expect that you will contribute your time, talents and treasure to the life of our fellowship. You are not required to give these things in exchange for the rights and privileges of your membership.

Q: How are decisions made at Foothills UU Fellowship?

A: A Board of Trustees, elected by the congregation, makes decisions on behalf of the congregation in order to fulfill Foothills UU Fellowship’s mission except where otherwise defined in the bylaws. The board consists of five members. All board meetings are open to Foothills UU Fellowship members and input is encouraged. There are also several standing committees that oversee work and make decisions in certain areas, such as the Worship Committee, the Service & Example Mission Area Team, the Congregational Growth & Development Mission Area Team, and the Spiritual Growth & Development Mission Area Team.